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Our Services

We understand that cost and consistency are important to you. We are proud to serve nutritious, high quality foods that are appealing to children. We provide our customers with friendly and efficient service so that you can focus on the education of the children.

Key Factors

  • We use an 8 week rotating menu to ensure variety, while most providers offer only a 4 week rotation.
  • We use very few processed foods or foods with fillers in the preparation of our meals, resulting in higher quality nutrition.
  • Every staff member, whether driver or cook, has their food handler’s card, and has a current fingerprint clearance card. This ensures we have the best qualified team to serve you.
  • We have been serving meals to students for over 15 years. This is our specialty and our passion; we only serve businesses that serve children.
  • We can provide servers if you require, or we can deliver the meals for your staff to serve.
  • We are well-versed in all of the rules and requirements of both the NSLP and the CACFP programs.
  • We value our partnership with our customers and we value your opinion. In our weekly satisfaction survey we will ask for your opinion about the quality of our food and service. We use your feedback to continually improve the menu items served to your students.